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Vibe Radio SA is an online commercial radio station that utilizes the internet as its broadcast platform. The station is based in Cape Town and attracts listeners that enjoy competitions, great music and intelligent talk. The station was launched to attract a niche market and to bring interactivity into radio broadcasting. Listeners get “addicted” by the first listening experience. We interact with our listeners via BBM (BLACKBERRY MESSANGER) and Social Media. 

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Terms : Past Winners may only enter 1 Month after winning any competition on Vibe Radio SA

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CONGRATULATIONS to Carlo Macauley for winning our Matric Ball Competition

Carlo is from Garlandale High and here is his motivation that won:

Hey VIBE radio SA, my name is carlo macauley and I am a matriculant at garlandale high school, I believe I desreve to win this matric competition because for me it is a dream, not just because its a matriculants duty to go to his/her martic ball but because of the fact the I have struggled for so many years on this very school, I am currently 21 in matric, old you say? Yes, but you never to old to get your certificate and that's my aim, no matter my age I am willing to overcome all obsticles in my way to get through my last few months of school and obtain the best results for myself and family, I and the middle child of three brothers, my eldest brother dropped out of school in grade 11 I already passed that stage and. Want to set an example for my younger brother who is currently in grade 10 at alexander sinton secondary school, I have failed three times during high school, one would say I'm so long in school that I'm starting from the bottom, but at least I'm getting there..all I'm trying to say is that I need this win because I believe I deserve it, and because my parents cannot afford it, I've put them through so much already, my goal now is to have thee best matric ball of my life and finnish my schooling!

Thank you,

carlo macauley


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